Christian wedding vows

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A christian wedding vows is a momentous and solemn event. Festive mood and joyful excitement – these feelings accompany all participants during the whole wedding event. Beautiful guests, stylish hairstyles, an ideal interior, lots of flowers, ovations and fanfares are mandatory attributes of the christian wedding vows. Preparation for the wedding begins long before the event.

An offer of marriage.

The christian wedding vows begins with a proposal of the hand and heart – this is the first official moment. Someone offers a hand and a heart in the restaurant, someone on the stage, and someone at home in the kitchen. There are many ideas on how to make an offer to your bride. When the offer is made, a long preparation for the wedding begins so that the wedding becomes a unique and unforgettable event in life.

Stag party and hen party before the christian wedding vows.

One of the mandatory activities before the wedding is a stag party, on which the groom and his friends remember the bachelor life. Usually at the end of a stag party, a spectacular girl jumps out of a cake in a beautiful underwear and dances a striptease. Since this is the last free day of the groom, then it should be noted in full.
Another event is a hen-party. The hen party gathers the bride. At the party the bride invites her closest girlfriends and on it they discuss plans for future family life.
Many different ideas can be realized on a stag and hen party.

The christian wedding vows is the main celebration.

The christian wedding vows is a great place for realization of various ideas and creativity. It is necessary to think over: interior decoration of the wedding, brides dress and grooms costume, menu, wedding cake, wedding cortege, and much more.
The christian wedding vows begins in the church. At first glance, you might think that everything is standard in the church, but it is not. In the church, you can also decorate the interior and beat the wedding ceremony itself.
Even such an event as a wedding night can be thought out to become unforgettable for the bride and groom.

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